Book of Shadows Game

Book of Shadows Book of Shadows. We all have some hobbies. When you are a child, you collect almost everything. Little girls are fond of aromatic papers, called Children’s post, they collect handkerchiefs in different colors and designs. Boys on the other hand want to have every little car they can find in the toy stores. But in general, they are not so attentive to such kind of attention. But, who says that love for collections should end at the age of 10? Grown Ups also have the need to collect nice things, they enjoy in numismatics, in collecting old money, post stamps, small sugar canes from all over the world. As long as this love is normal and doesn’t take too much time, that is good.

But, if you collect dolls for instance that take whole of your life attention, more than your husband or children, then you face a problem. But, you can’t teach someone what to like or not. In our mystery game we are offering you a little bit of travel through spirits. Rebecca is a woman that collects stories connected to spirits. Throughout the story she changes locations connected to spirits. And writes down when and in what way spirits come out, what do they do and how do people could feel their presence. She always searches for some places that no one wants to visit. And runs away from them, like some abandoned scary houses, rooms etc or even places where people didn’t live for long time. If you are mystery, horror or maybe and adventure fan, than you will enjoy Book of Shadows Game.

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