Butterflies Game

Butterflies Butterflies. Do you remember when you first had love butterflies in your stomach? Surely it was when you were little children, maybe in the kindergarten or in primary school, and it was most often the boy or the girl that you spent a lot of time together.

Oh my God, that is a disaster, you think at that age, and when today you remember those days or watch some pictures from school or pre-school. You can’t help yourself, but laugh over and over again. Those child loves are the cleanest. The lovely shy massage you have received under your school desk which at first glance you didn’t even want to read it, because you were as shy as the massage itself, but afterwards, you were curious to check what your sympathy has written. And you are spending days and months hiding that card until some family member decides to find it and laugh in front of everyone. Then, no one would like to be in your skin actually.

Our hero in the game for today is actually having such a butterfly trouble. She likes a boy very much, but she is a bit scared how it will all turn out. Terri Hamilton is having a crush on a boy. His name is Rick and he asked Terri out on a date. She feels so happy, excited and a little bit panicked. She now wants to get perfectly prepared, find the perfect clothes and make up in order to look perfect tonight.

Butterflies is a free online hidden object game on Round Games.

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