Casino Fraud Case Game

Casino Fraud Case Casino Fraud Case Game: For policemen, inspectors and especially financial police, the frauds and criminals are hit of the day. They attract their attention and as much the case is curious and intricate, that much the excitement is bigger. And the best inspectors are not easy to be found. They will get rewards and lots of applauds from their colleagues. One needs to be a pretty smart criminal not to be caught. In today’s game we are dealing exactly with such intelligent group of guys. In Casino Fraud Case Game: Detective Deborah is having an important mission this week. She is very excited when she is involved in difficult cases.

This time she is has to find a group of bad deceivers. Who come in the biggest and the most visited casino in the center of Monaco. After they left the casino, the place is left under a huge mess. But they do it inconspicuously and the security can’t remember who they are. Beside the mess that they create in the casino are found the false banknotes, and police suspects that they are responsible for this too. That’s why police emergently looks for as much as possible experts that could find that gang and furthermore they are getting punishment. Deborah has long time experience in finding criminals that are into the money defraud and that’s why she is included into this case. So help her catch the deceivers in Casino Fraud Case Game.

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