Cleaning Weekend 2 Game

Cleaning Weekend 2 In Cleaning Weekend 2 Game, we have our friend Betty. The weekend starts and Betty plans to clean their home. Before each level starts she describes the room that she is cleaning. She has been planning for this cleaning few weeks ago. Betty is very neat person and the clean house for her means half happiness. She loves when her house is nice, clean and everything is at its own place.

One of the messiest rooms in her house is her bedroom. She needs your help in Cleaning Weekend 2 Game to put her things in order. These last few days she was pretty busy and couldn’t take care of her space. She is very nervous when the house is out of any rules she has already introduced in her life. She took off everything she had in her closet. And she asks for your help in this game Cleaning Weekend 2, to put dresses, blouses, jackets in her familiar order. In the other level, Betty is going into her library. There she collects things from wherever she travels, and she does that very often.

She is a great reader and her book collection is something you would admire. Wherever she goes, she always buys souvenirs and little stuff that remind her of the place. But, when the library is a mess, she as well misses some memorable things she hasn’t seen long time. So enjoy and have fun in playing Cleaning Weekend 2 Game.

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