Collector of Secrets Game

Collector of Secrets Collector of Secrets. History is a rather delicate subject, that is for sure. We may think that we know our own history but so many things might be hidden by some people in order to defend someone’s interests. Some people say that the winners are the ones that write the history and perhaps it is like that, not to mention that the big forces are sometimes prone to glorifying their victory… Then again different authorities might change some part of the written history and turn it to their side, defending their own interests… And all of that suggests that there are many secrets in the history, some will be revealed but some won’t…

Samuel is a professor at the state university. He is teaching history and he has this passion since he knows about himself. That is something that is his profession but at the same time it’s his biggest obsession, something that haunts him completely.

For several years now Samuel has been working on his new book. The name of the book is ‘Collector of Secret.’ Samuel is looking for the lost diary of the freedom fighters from the Second World War II. This diary hides certain subjects that might change the complete history, something that has been hidden for years and kept as a biggest secret.

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