Curse of Samurai Game

Curse of Samurai Curse of Samurai Game: Every story has good and bad guy. We fight with the evil and bad persons so the good energy will stay alive. Samurais are those brave warriors who fight for justice. But, among the good guys there also are bad guys who want to destroy the first once. But, the good must prevail. That is the cosmic balance.

In Curse of Samurai Game: Ishida is Samurai who one year ago has lost the battle of the evil samurai Takeda. Takeda reins with the bad forces and has ordered that Ishida should be cursed and to live forever as phantom. Ishida asked for one more chance. So once again he could become a human being.

Through Curse of Samurai Game: Takeda has yield to his begging and order him to answer correctly on five riddles that he is going to pose to him. If he answers exactly, Ishida will once again be a human being. If not, he will stay phantom forever.

It is up to you to decide for his destiny. This isn’t an easy task to be done, isn’t it? But, if the brave samurai so dreadfully wants to become human again and enjoy life as one, than we are sure you would like to help him. Enjoy and have fun in playing Curse of Samurai Game.

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