Diary of a Witness Game

Diary of a Witness Diary of a Witness. When some bad people come in your house and they bring noisiness with their violent entering and robbing, than you find yourself as you have lost some part of yourself. First of all, some unknown person is entering your temple, your sacred place. Even if you or she wouldn’t take something very precious and valuable thing, still the feeling is so much unpleasant. If you live in smaller place than it is expected that such experiences would be not so common for you. But, you can never be sure of someone, that’s why simply open your eyes!

Exactly one week ago a big theft has happened in a small peaceful suburb. For the case to become more interesting and intriguing, the rifled house is ownership of the scientist Garry Marlow, who is very popular for his work in the field of finding alternative fuels for his automobile.

According to some of his friends, Garry was very close to the goal to formalize his new patent which is based on preparing a car fuel from organic origin which is not expensive at all and doesn’t hurt the environment. The police talked to the only witness who is Garry’s neighbor. Last night, someone rifled into his neighbor’s house and kidnapped him. The police is looking for the kidnappers, and he is suspicious that that is the same person, that has organized the robbing into the house of scientist Garry. They know that somewhere here the witness’ diary is hidden and that they will have to find it.

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