Echoes in the Silence Game

Echoes in the Silence Echoes in the Silence. If you are a fan of horror movies, you will certainly love our new game. It is dedicated to those who enjoy scary mysterious situations full of secrets and unanswered questions. American family horror movies very often are situated around one big white abandoned house where no one lives and hides scary stories and noisy voices come from the stairs and basement. A similar story we offer you today.

Up at the end of the village, there exists an abandoned house. As much as the us the villagers know about it, there is no living person there for very long time. The owners have moved away to a new life in the big city and are not going to come back anymore. They decided not to take any consideration concerning their old house. But, from time to time, a light shows in that house and there is some bad noise. Someone is coming there, but no one knows who that could be. No one is actually brave enough to find out and face the truth.

We need to be sure and to assure ourselves that the village is safe place to be. Dom is the man who is going to visit that house and to face the challenges. He is not afraid of anything and loves such provocations when he can check his ability not to fear. Imagine every one of us being just like that?

Make sure to check out This Game. You may enjoy playing it.

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