Enchanted Temple Game

Enchanted Temple Enchanted Temple. We all dream to find a treasure in some big temple and make it our own. It sounds so perfect, isn’t? Great fairy tale happen in the miraculous temples with princess, but those treasures very often are possible danger and hide some mysterious secret. We believe there isn’t a single adventure film lover that wouldn’t admire and follow all the Indiana Jones sequels.

Enchanted Temple. In today’s game we offer you some adventure. Put yourself into the role of an accident treasure hunter who has been lost into a temple and has the whole jewelry and treasure you would think of. Saura is a girl that lives on the Middle East. Walking through the amazing nature of her village, by accident she discovers the secret enter of the magic temple. Her curiosity takes her into the temple. The temple is full of magical objects which have very big value. Saura origins from poor family and wants to collect as much as possible valuable objects, wanting to afford better future for her family. She took as much treasure she could and decided to leave the place before someone else finds her and try to harm her. Making a tour she has lost herself into the huge space into the temple. Now she needs our help to find the temple’s exit. Think of all the possible key spots where the exit could be. It is not easy, but it is going to be big fun!

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