Gold River Fever Game

Gold River FeverGold River Fever. Today there are numerous ways to get to money, just you need to like to work. OK, it was like that and before, we could not say that people were more lazy in the past or something like that, just that there weren’t so many fields of interest that were well developed; simply the choice was smaller.

And being a gold digger is one of the most interesting professions. There were people looking for hidden treasures, and following some ancient maps, but also people that were looking for gold in the rivers. That is mostly typical for the 19th century when huge gold deposits were found in Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, and the United States, but also there were some smaller gold rushes all around the world. In this period there were many migrations as well because all people were crazy about the gold, and about the idea of becoming rich at once. Enjoy and have fun in playing this free online game. Good luck.

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Play Gold River Fever Game

The final part are the instructions. You play the game with a help of the mouse you observe the whole scene and once you spot some of the wanted items, you simply point at that item and you click over it, using the left mouse button. Be fast, but also try to be accurate in your moves and you wont have any troubles to have a higher position on the table for scores.