Guess the Oscars Game

Guess the Oscars Guess the Oscars, for the today game we decided to go for the quiz game. This time we are reminding you of the movies that have been awarded with Oscar for best picture. If you adore cinema, we are sure you won’t have trouble to answer the questions. If you don’t serve a good memory, than, the game might help you bring back some titles on mind. However, take it as fun, as usual, and maybe as a challenge to be better than your friend is, for example.

The levels of the game are thematically connected with certain movie. And at the end of the level, you will receive a question connected to that piece of art. The rules are well known, as well, like all the other quiz games we have had before and we offer you from time to time. If you have a correct answer, you will continue with Guess the Oscars Game. If not, you surely know it till now, you must replay the level. The winners of the Best picture award are usually very popular and the titles stay in the memory long time. That’s why, we believe it won’t be too difficult for you to recall a bit of the best Hollywood titles. Good luck and have fun in playing Guess the Oscars Game!

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