Guess the Zodiac 2 Game

Guess the Zodiac 2 Guess the Zodiac 2. For those who are skeptical people, astrology is something they don’t accept and find it ridiculous. For some people, astrology is science old few millenniums. But, maybe if you accept it as a game, as fun, that would be the best, because, is it possible more than 6 billion people to have the characteristics of only 12 horoscope signs? Because you loved our first ‘Guess the Zodiac’ game, today we give you one more chance to check out your astrology knowledge or if you want more, simply have fun. Imagine a bit the stars, the game of the planets and the Sun, and don’t forget, they also exist by some rules, like humans do.

The game is second part of the Guess the Zodiac game, but this time on a different location. In each of the levels there is a horoscope sign that the player needs to remember while playing and by the end of each level there are three offered answers with signs, and you should guess the sign. Each wrong answer gets you back again and you should replay the level. Try not to make mistake in some horoscope sign, because you will return back all the time.

If you are curious person who wants to read what stars have to tell you, than you will certainly learn something new about the horoscope signs. Don’t forget that this game is a quiz type of game and that if you don’t answer the right question, you won’t get the chance to move on. This could be a perfect and relaxing weekend game, isn’t it?

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