Help Me Game

Help Me Help Me. It is like that in life people live and people die, that is something we have to deal with, but what do you think about ghosts? There are numerous stories that talk about people who left behind some unfinished business like unclear relationship with some relative, unsaid words to someone or they simply left their love, and they come back as ghosts to make things clear because they cant leave completely without finishing those things. Enjoy and have fun in playing this free online game. Good luck.

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An finally, before you start playing the game, check out the instructions so you could know what to do in the game. You observe the picture and once you spot a wanted object, point on it with the mouse and click on it with the left mouse button (or you could play on the touchpad if you have a laptop). In the last level, by moving the cursor, you actually move a spotlight that lightens the particular place so you'll know what is hiding there and you select the objects on the same way. You activate the hints by clicking on the button where is written hint and that's it. Now its time to send this ghost in his new home!