Last Days of Summer Game

Last Days of Summer Last Days of Summer. Big cities can be very boring and wearisome. And that happens very often. If you work downtown some metropolis, in the middle of big noise and concrete jungle, than you hardly wait for a weekend to come, or if you have less imagination, you will wait only for your summer holiday. Escaping somewhere away from the city and the dust and simply everything is every modern man a dream. And do we need a lot? No. We can take our mountain bikes, put our sport jersey and shoes on and simply ride the trails around our city. Or, you can choose to walk the near canyon or river and organize a picnic with close friends or family.

You see, it only takes some fantasy, nothing else. And what other season is better for this to be done? What else if not summer. And summer is almost over. In today’s game we put a group of colleagues together and made them decide to spend their last hot days on fresh air, away from the city jungle. They liked the idea of going on an adventure and they choose to do some camping. For equipment they take anything they need to survive at the mountain a whole week. They enjoy the beautiful nature, the sound of insects and the birds.

They resolve upon to visit different places all the time and to research the environment around them. Back to the beginning and to the arms of nature always seems the right thing to be done.

Make sure to check out This Game. You may enjoy playing it.

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