Legend Of The Golden Mask Game

Legend Of The Golden Mask Legend Of The Golden Mask Game: Help the researcher find all the objects in each location! You can even search for the lost pages of a diary or the golden blocks for a higher score! If you click on the wrong objects it’ll cost you points! Why is it always a grandfathers old mansion or house that you have to explore in these hidden object games?

Keep beating that drum guys because it doesn’t matter what the story is behind this one too much because it has beautiful art and cleverly hidden objects to keep you scouring the rooms for all those clue revealing items. So as you clean up the house you run across some evidence of a legend of an ancient golden mask that could possibly harness some very old and powerful magic but better yet it’s made of gold! So it is probably worth one heck of a pretty penny on the black market! Thanks Grandpa! Enjoy and have fun in playing Legend Of The Golden Mask Game.

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