Merry Scary Christmas Game

Merry Scary ChristmasMerry Scary Christmas. The joy, the lights and the color that Christmas brings to us, as well as the gifts that we get as little children, is something that we remember through the whole life. Children wait impatiently to see what will Santa Claus bring them, so they have to be very good throughout the year, so “Santa” would reward them. That is very important, especially for the last month of the year. The magic of the decorated trees, the tasty Christmas cookies that mothers and grand-mothers bake for us, family around the fireplace drinking warm tea, listening to carol – that is the image that no one wants to forget. And later, we try to transfer that atmosphere to our children. Holidays are the best season for children. They get all the attention they want, their parents buy them the favorite toys.

After awhile, we are bringing you a little adventure of mysterious kind. Let’s wake up our imagination and put ourselves into mysterious terms and conditions. Martha is a girl that out of all the holidays throughout the year, she adores Christmas. Together with her smaller sister when they were little have been waiting for this holiday impatiently. The thing that excited them the most was the fact that the whole family was gathering at home and everybody have opened presents. Now Martha has grown up and she lives in another city.

Merry Scary Christmas. This year she has promised her sister to celebrate Christmas together in their home, but unfortunately misfortune has happened. On her way with her car on open road, Martha had a bad luck. Her automobile crashed and now she is being stuck in a small abandoned village, where no one lived, but still it was decorated for Christmas. Martha is trying her best to find out what exactly is happening here and who lives in the village.

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