Midsummer Love Game

Midsummer Love Midsummer Love. Love, love… Butterflies in our stomach, that incredible feeling that makes us feel as we can reach every peak in the world! It gives us strength, always to be with the loved one but also strength to be a better person, to be a more persistent person, more powerful.

Grace is a girl that is madly in love with Marco, a guy from Italy. Actually Grace comes to Italy every summer, just to meet Marco. Italy is a wonderful country, especially the south cost of the country but her reason is simply Marco.

Grace and Marco meet every year in Marco uncle’s castle. It’s a very romantic place where they could be alone and enjoy their company, without being disturbed by anything. Since they are both romantic souls, they enjoy making each other certain surprises when they come there, give each other presents or something similar. This time Grace has come to the castle first and she is waiting for Marco to come. Marco is actually already there and he leaves hidden objects all through the path that leads to the room where they should meet. Race collects the objects one by one, she follows the trace, so we should see what is her next stop.

Play Midsummer Love Game

Find the instructions inside the game.