New Year Party Game

New Year Party New Year Party. And here we go on the last day of the year. On the day when we separate from the old exhausted year, trying to split apart from what was bed and unsupportable, the bad luck, the bad health, maybe, and full of dreams and wishes about the near future. It is not that the Earth will open up in one second just because the calendar will change from the year 2015 to the year 2016, but, it is more of a psychological issue, that gives us the thoughts that exactly the new date, would mean a new beginning, as well. All of us we have different ways of celebrating.

When we are younger we want to go on a louder places where you can not actually hear people talking and laughing. Then, few years later, you start to gather alone with friends at someone’s apartment, in a an atmosphere always spiced up with a lot of food, drinking, laughter, sweets and a lot of lemons. And, then, when one will bridge over this phase, than, you start to be interested in what the main squares in your town or city offer for you. The best New Year Eve comes on the squares in the big cities, that’s a fact.

Sharon is getting ready for the New Year Party. Together with her friends they have decided to wait for the new year in a place that they hired specially for the occasion. As a main organizer of the party, Sharon has arrived earlier than the others to check out if everything is all right with the location they have chosen for the crazy party. Our player has the role of close friend of hers and together with Sharon, they have to check all the locations so they would be completely sure that everything is ready for the New Years Eve coming.

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