New Year’s Romance Game

New Year's Romance New Year’s Romance Game: Well most of us are really happy when the New Year is coming. And even though the passing from the old to the New Year may not bring some drastic changes. It is quite sure that we all like to do something nice on the New Year’s Eve. Some of us like to stay at home and enjoy this evening with the family. While others choose to have a wild party and wait for 12 o’clock to come in some crowded place like a public square or discotheque… No matter where, the point is that we all like to mark the new beginning.

Also the New Year’s Eve is usually full of romance. It is the night when many relationships have started. And the new couples are also happy to celebrate their first new year’s eve together. So on New Year’s Romance Game, when everyone is preparing for the ‘craziest night’ in the year, Cheryl is also very excited. The reason for that is one of the previously mentioned – first New Year with her partner. Her partner is an owner of one of the most popular restaurants in the city. He has called her to come in the restaurant earlier, before the official party has started, having a big surprise for her. He has hidden few new-year presents all around the restaurant and now Cheryl has a sweet task to find them. You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun in playing New Year’s Romance Game.

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