Picnic Weekend Game

Picnic WeekendPicnic Weekend. Big cities are very often too pushy and too hard to bare, with its noise and its crowd. We go to work every day, surrounded by lousy traffic and crazy mess and when it comes to weekends, everyone needs to take some brake. You can choose the local park, some river near the city, mountain that takes 2-3 hour drive. Getting closer to the nature and back to the roots can only make you feel better. And the best choice is, off course, a place that doesn’t have a lot of people, or few people even know it exists.

Our today’s heroes are the Carter’s couple. They live in Los Angeles and left their home to go for an unusual weekend. They decide to spend three days out there on the open air, discovering new places and meeting with new life habits. That’s why with their vehicle they chose the direction of the birth village of the husband. Near the village there is a small and quiet lake, and Carters decided to do a picnic near the lake and at the same time to explore the environment.

It was strange for them because they are not used to sleep outside in a tent, without their television, computers, cell-phones without wi-fi. They have always admired when their friends would talk to them about their experience picnicking somewhere. But they were never so brave and curious to do that by their selves. Find out how they managed to deal with less convenience, but with more creativity. Enjoy and have fun in playing this free online game. Good luck.

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