Redwood Park Zoo Game

Redwood Park Zoo Redwood Park Zoo Game: We all love going to the zoo. No matter how old we are, there is something special in visiting that place because every day we don’t have chances to spend time with animals, except with our pets, but watching the tigers, the lions, giraffes, camels or some other exotic animal, is an experience from another level. It seems like we have the wild and the nature right before us, even though we are usually surrounded by civilization, buildings, cars… All those things that actually steal our energy and that are completely opposite to the nature. However, we see only the beautiful side of this story. It seems like those animals are meant to be on that place exactly but as a matter of fact there are whole teams that work on providing right environment for the animals but also take care of their safety.

Timothy for example is a member of a team of explorers that has a task to see if the animals in the Redwood park zoo are doing all right. They are checking out if the conditions for living are perfect. This team of explorers takes care of the animals and they won’t be satisfied with anything but the best.

In this case Timothy has to visit the places in the Redwood Park, where different kinds of animals live, and collect pieces from the objects that surround them. Those objects should be explored well, to see if there is some danger that comes from their use, something that could be danger for the animals’ life of their health and wellbeing. This game would be a great challenge for you because we are doing one really noble job, aren’t we? Let’s see if the park is safe for the animals.

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