Return to Greenhill Farm Game

Return to Greenhill Farm Return to Greenhill Farm. Starting new life is not an easy thing to be done at all. When someone wants to make a new and big step in life. He/she needs to leave everything behind and open new door. It depends on the characters so some easily get used to the chance, the new neighborhood, the new city or the new country. However, it is a great challenge.

In front of such challenge stand Lilly and Martin, brother and sister at the age of 18 and 21. They came back to Greenhill which is an area in the Eastern part of USA. They were born in the big city where their parents moved ten years ago. And now, after a lot of time, they want to continue their parents’ tradition and went back on the farm in Greenhill. Lilly and Martin’s parents were the most famous farmers in Greenhill, but some ten years ago big storm occupied that area and destroyed huge part of the farm.

Peter and Martha had to leave the village and go in the big city and to work anything to survive, but today their children believe that they can activate their farm once again. They were attracted by their parents talking of how they lived very calmly and happy. Lilly and Martin asked for advises from Peter and Martha of how to start all over. Now, they need your help to bring new life to the farm.

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