Searching for Home Game

Searching for Home Searching for Home Game: To work as a real estate agent one needs to be a very open minded person. To know the psychology to be able to convince someone to buy the house or the apartment you are selling. The concurrence is great, especially in big cities and in the most wanted quarts in those cities. And when you are meeting with some potential customers. You get to think what you should do to create certainty and choose what you are offering.

In Searching for Home Game we are introducing you to Jamie and Ron. Who have great working experience on the real estate market. Except that they sell new houses and apartments, they enter new projects like making a new house out of an old one. That seems very interesting, isn’t it? That way they show how creative they are and find the adequate customers who have specific taste and really know what they want when they buy estate.

Sometimes they do some restoration work to the places they are selling. In order to be able to sell them by higher prices. In some cases it’s a simple clean up and other times they have to do fixes repairs and buy some furniture or household equipment. They have lot’s of potential clients that are considering to buy. Help them make more sales, here is a new challenge for you. Finally enjoy playing Searching for Home Game.

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