Silent Eyes Game

Silent Eyes Silent Eyes Game: For a long time Andrea is suspected that a ghost lives in her house. She has the feeling that someone watches her all the time. This evening Andrea decides that she has to solve the mystery forever and to find out if there really is a ghost in her home. She starts questioning herself that she might see things, that that is not real.

And how did she decide to achieve that? Last night Andrea put few objects in her home and this evening she wants to check if all the things she has left over there are actually on their places. Or some of the objects are being removed from there. Of course, you can help this frightened lady to resolve her problem and bring back her peace once again. Andrea is a smart woman and that’s why her plan is perfect. But, she can’t do a thing without you.

What if you were put in such a situation and you find yourself not prepared to face the truth, to ask yourself everyday if you are all on your own at home. Enjoy this weekend game and help Andrea to love and enjoy her home once again. Enjoy and have fun in playing Silent Eyes Game.

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