Summer Wind Game

Summer Wind Summer Wind. Well this is what we call a real vacation! Sailing on an amazing powerful boat for 2 weeks. Just you, your friends and the sea. The wind is blowing and its pushing forward your sailboat and you are doing everything to keep it under control. That boat becomes your home during the time of the vacation, you eat that, you sleep there but also is a vehicle that will take you to amazing places that couldn’t be reached by walking. For many people that is the best thing about sailing, the chance to go on some wild beaches and other places that don’t have a regular path. You just see the place from the sea and you simply anchor there, on your favorite spot.

And again, you don’t need an accommodation because you already have one, you are actually taking your home with you, wherever you go. And since we are talking about sailing boats that serve as our homes, it is logically that those boats should be kept clean all the time. However, in this case, the people that were sailing left a total mess behind them. Everything is so dirty and there are numerous things on the floor, on the beds, in the captains cabin..everywhere! So would you like to take care of this place together? Enjoy and have fun in playing this free online game. Good luck.

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