The Accursed Island Game

The Accursed Island The Accursed Island Game: Gloria is a girl pirate born on the island Vonut. When she was very young, she was forcibly moved from the island, together with her parents. The reason for that was the belief of the King who believed that this island is cursed and it could only be a habitat of demons and witches. There weren’t any concrete evidences about that, except certain minor indications but everyone respected the king’s opinion.

In The Accursed Island Game: The young pirate never believed in stories like this. Gloria always knew that when she’ll grow up, she will return on the island that she always felt that it’s her home. And she really did that. After exactly 20 years, Gloria is coming back to the island Vonut. Once she stepped there, numerous memories came on her mind and she started exploring the island right away. On this place there are still numerous objects that remind her of her life there. Everything seems familiar to her, as she left the island yesterday. She likes to spend some time on this island and explore everything, even to find something that could relate this place to demons and witches.

Let’s take this journey together and enjoy searching for some interesting objects In The Accursed Island Game. Besides having fun we will help Gloria find out more things related to her past. And perhaps find out what was happening on this island many years ago.

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