The Book Of Hidden Objects Game

The Book Of Hidden Objects The Book Of Hidden Objects Game: Welcome to this incredible adventure our friend! This would be something you have never experienced before, something big and exciting. So let’s follow Eddie in his amazing quest and see one new place, full of secrets and mysteries. Eddie is adventurist, a guy that has traveled to many places and seen many things in his life. Eddie arrives for the first time on one abandoned island, the pirate island named Borgabunda. He is here with reason because during his last adventure in the jungles of Amazon, in the house of the chief of one tribe, Eddie has found the book of hidden objects of the Borgabunda Island.

This strange book explains that the island hides many objects. Those objects are hidden really well and they are pretty hard to be found. However, according to the legend, if you find all the objects that are hidden there, something extraordinary will happen in The Book Of Hidden Objects Game. It is about a secret passage that leads to a place where the pirates have hidden their treasure. You may know how resistant those pirates in their attempts to hide their treasures were. There are numerous maps of hidden treasures that no one has managed to find. And just imagine how hard it was to find this place. So are you prepared to take part in this huge adventure? Let’s help Eddie in The Book Of Hidden Objects Game. You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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