The Chosen One Game

The Chosen OneThe Chosen One. It was a quite suburb before but lately some bad things started to happen, some things that interrupted the long-time peace of the people who live there. Few days ago, a girl disappeared from that suburb. The police was trying to find her, making an examination about all possible combinations where she could be, what she could do or with whom she might be and unfortunately they found out that the girl was kidnapped by certain people. They still don’t know why the girl is kidnapped but they managed to locate the place where she is kept by the kidnapper. The police have to be careful.

They shouldn’t go any step further without having in mind all possible options because the girl’s life is threatened in this situation and it might bring her in even bigger danger. On the other hand, it seems that the kidnapper is ready to negotiate but not with anyone, just with one particular person and that person is actually you. You will be working on this case as a detective and it seems that this girl’s life lies in your hands because the kidnapper started to declare that he will not free the girl if he doesn’t cooperate with you and just you.

Your character (The Chosen One) arrives at the place and you have to find a way how could you react, which steps should you take, in order to free the girl and bring her home safe. This is a really responsible mission where you should act well thought because the life and the security of the kidnapped girl is in your hands.

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