The Cursed Prairie Game

The Cursed Prairie The Cursed Prairie. Terry was one of those 12 cowboys who arrived at this cursed prairie completely suddenly. He couldn’t imagine that his regular path could turn into something like this. He is a brave cowboy, he does those journeys quite often, riding through the prairies, but something like this wasn’t expected.

They were 12 at the beginning, 12 cowboys that have decided to sleep over in the cursed prairie because they simply didn’t have other choice. They all had to take a good rest after the long road but in the morning, when Terry woke up, he found himself alone. All other cowboys have disappeared mysteriously and Terry could not explain what has happen. They felt helpless in the current situation and they agreed to stay together but suddenly they all left!

Terry is completely alone and scared. He doesn’t know what is happening, also he doesn’t have a clue what to do. But he has to do something and discover the reason of other cowboys’ disappearance. He starts exploring the whole location, carefully researching everything that comes on his way, looking for something that will give him an explanation where the other cowboys are. Terry is also collecting certain objects that he finds on his way, believing that they will help him discover the truth about the sudden disappearance of the 12 cowboys.

The Cursed Prairie is a free online hidden object game on Round Games.

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