The Enchanted Forest Game

The Enchanted Forest The Enchanted Forest Game: If you are a fan of the princess fairy tales and you enjoy those stories with happy endings where a good princess finds the best looking prince, than, we are sure that you are going to like today’s game. To win someone heart, a man should fight for. That is not only in the stories, but even more in the real life.

Today’s heroes are cute little creatures that live in a wonderful small place. Voron is an elf into the miraculous wood called Breuz. He has fallen in love with Tanulia, a very beautiful girl and maybe one of the most beautiful in his village. Voron is firmly determined to conquer her heart. But he needs to enter deep into the woods to achieve his goal. He has to find the most rare flower that grown in the area. The flower’s name is Purple Gope.

In Voron’s village there is a believing that the one that will find this flower deserves every girl from the village. So this is a beginning of an unforgettable romantic adventure. He lets his heart lead him into the trace and we are certain he will succeed. Who knows, maybe Tanulia secretly wants him to achieve the goal?! Let’s find out! Finally enjoy playing The Enchanted Forest Game.

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