The King’s Relative Game

The King's Relative The King’s Relative Game: Very often destiny chooses to be mother for ones and step mother for others. There are no rules and very often, it’s just bad kismet. So in the history it happens so that one brother is a rich man living in a palace and the other one living poorly. Or, one can be president and his brother – a pauper. It is not rare that very rich families often hide big secrets in years, but as usually, no secret can ever stay unrevealed and safe, because the truth is always stronger and prevails. Sometimes justice can be belated, but still it is justice and counts.

For The King’s Relative Game we have an old person, named Beldon who hides very big secret. He bares that secret whole life and with decades it is a very big burden. But, he simply wants to release himself and needs to tell someone. Now he is an old man and decides to share the secret. Beldon is actually the king’s relative, but the royal family doesn’t want the big truth to be found out. Since he was a child he was sent to live on a village with other family. He was the unwanted child in the family because his mother wasn’t royal blooded. Beldon lives very poor life unlike his relative, the king. He needs to find the royal jewelry in which is the original king’s stamp. The family where he lives has hidden this jewel, Beldon starts the pursuit. Finally enjoy playing The King’s Relative Game.

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