The Lady and the Dragon Game

The Lady and the DragonThe Lady and the Dragon Game: A lot of world’s’ mythologies have special relation to the legendary creature called dragon. With different names, you can find it in Europe, in Greek and Middle Eastern mythologies, as well as in China, Japan and many others East Asian countries. It is in the myths of many cultures and the looks is very specific, looks very much alike reptilian traits. Even the name ‘dragon’ comes from Greek language, meaning ‘serpent of huge size, water-snake’. Dragons are able to emit fire from their mouths. Very often, they are represented as stealers of pretty girls. One of their significance is the given major spiritual meaning in different cultures.

Edwin the Knight is involved into very dangerous mission in The Lady and the Dragon Game. Together with his best friend and that is you our player, goes on pursuit for his girl who is entrapped into the castle of the bad dragon. He has to be very careful in this mission and to be pretty quiet, because the dragon mustn’t find out about his presence. His girlfriend is one of the many girls that the bad dragon has stolen. Edwin has decided to save his girlfriend. Knowing that only the bravest men can save the girls that they steal. And it is only the bravest men of all can kill the dragon. Put yourself into the shoes of the brave Edwin and try do your best to help the man in love. So enjoy and have fun in playing The Lady and the Dragon Game.

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