The Lake House Case Game

The Lake House Case The Lake House Case. Meet Sharon Pinsone, a detective that comes from Oklahoma. She received an anonymous letter yesterday and there, there was a check of 10 000 dollars and a note. It was about some jewelry collection that stolen, a new case for detective Sharon, which she accepted without a question. Well 10 000 dollars is quite an amount, she says at her own that this was something that she couldn’t resist. In the note was written the location where should be investigated. It was about some nice house near the lake. She is now at that place and everything is so quiet and so creepy. You will have to help Sharon in her job to find that lost jewelry and who knows, maybe she would like to share her part with you. So enjoy and have fun.

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Play The Lake House Case Game

The game is played with use of the mouse or simply use the touchpad if you are playing on laptop. Search the whole location for the objects, and once you spot some of them, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button or tap with the finger on the touchpad.