The Legend of Stingy Jack Game

The Legend of Stingy Jack The Legend of Stingy Jack Game: Stingy Jack or Jack-o’-lantern is the famous ghost that shows up on Halloween. People, in order to avoid this spirit, fire candles in pumpkins carved with a human face. However, Jack doesn’t like everyone to be afraid from him. He doesn’t find that amusing or important so he gets together with two kids, Carl and Amy with a very important intention. Jack, together with those kids, likes to make something really good in order to win the confidence of the local citizens. Jack is convinced that by doing something good and notable, he won’t be undesirable character any more.

Our friend Stingy Jack has thought about his act of good will so he has found something that will help him gain the desired confidence. He likes to find all valuable objects that have been lost so far. He believes that people will be very happy when someone will bring them back those objects and he will become their friend, not someone that scares them around Halloween. However, Jack’s task is not easy at all. It asks for a lot of work and dedication so he will definitely need some help.

We have previously met Carl and Amy but they won’t be enough for the huge venture so Jack would definitely need some more help. That’s why you could also take part in this Halloween adventure and prove that Stingy Jack is not a negative person but someone who is willing to do good and be a real friend with the people around him. Finally enjoy playing The Legend of Stingy Jack Game.

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