The Missing Informant Game

The Missing Informant The Missing Informant Game: If you have watched enough crime shows on TV or Netflix, you probably know who are the informants. Yes, we are talking about those people who give information to police, the FBI, or another law enforcement agency behind closed doors. They are usually paid for the provided information since sometimes it can be useful in catching criminals. So on occasion it seems that giving information is something as their profession. Still, sometimes the informant gets something else in return like a reduced prison sentence, for example. And since they give information about criminals. You may imagine the risk they take when they decide to tell something that confidential.

The Missing Informant Game is a proof that things can go wrong for the informants. Detective Lee is working on a very sensitive case and he arrived at the house of his informant to ask him about the details. However, the informant is nowhere to be found. Lee thinks that this is a matter of kidnapping. He is about to search the informant’s house for clues. You can play The Missing Informant Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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