The Mystery Hour Game

The Mystery Hour The Mystery Hour Game: You may have seen photos of the balls and remarkable masks reminiscent of Venice Carnival. Put on your mask and join the fun during one of the world’s most famous events. Brenda arrives in Venice the mid-winter carnival celebration days. The entire city of Venice transforms into an even more magical. The location, dress code, and price tag add a distinct level of luxury that you won’t find at any other festival. So, she wants to experience the sensation of being someone else, somewhere else. And the carnival will give her this opportunity to live out her most elegant European fantasy.

In The Mystery Hour Game: Brenda put on her mask and decided to take a tour on the city. Everybody is wearing their mask and it is very crowded. While walking down the Venetian streets between the masks, Brenda comes across the mysterious guardian of the city. So it is The Mystery Hour, Brenda has to join her game and answer all her riddles in order to continue the sightseeing. You can play The Mystery Hour game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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