The New Homeowners Game

The New Homeowners The New Homeowners. Everyone wants to have its own place under the sun.To have a space where he or she would be the master. A lot of people decide to live in other peoples apartments and pay a lot for that because they are not in a position to buy their own flat. It takes years, lot of savings, personal victims, credits ans patience to get to that goal. But,when you will get it,than, you are the God in it. And than, you want to make it the perfect place for you and your family.

Susan and Thomas are young couple that after few years living in other people’s house and paying rent, achieve to buy their own house. They are more than happy for that, but before they start living comfortably in their new temple, they first have to clean the whole house.

They need to remove all the objects that belonged to the previous owners. they are so happy for that.They decided to hire a cleaning company that would take care of the big project.Our player is in the role of their relative and he needs to help them with the organization. He will have to work with the certain group of cleaning staff. Give your efforts to help Susan and Thomas to make their paradise in their new home.

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