The Night Society Game

The Night Society The Night Society. Vaccination and immunization are maybe one of the best achievements of modern medicine at the beginning of 20-th century. The history even says that the first successful vaccine was called Smallpox and was developed by Edward Jenner in late 18 Century, in 1798. Without this very key patent the mankind would suffer horrified morbidity from even the easiest infections. That’s why one does not need to play games with this issue and when something is so important to the humankind than it seems normal for bad people to have bad intentions. That happens in our new game too.

In our mysterious game, we put the player in a bit of dangerous mission. A local gang called “The Night Society” is responsible for the missing of a very important vaccine against rare disease which is thundering the mankind. The expert team of doctors worked very hard on developing this important vaccine for some 15 years. When they finally made it, the biological preparation disappeared from their laboratory in New York. The gang of high professionals “The Night Society” accepted the responsibility for the heist and asked for 10 million dollars buy-out. The American Government is not going to allow that and involves the police to clear up the case.

Our player is one of Deborah and Paul’s assistants. He will have to work very carefully and hardworking on the case. This is a very dangerous, but very important mission the player is getting in. Good luck!

Policemen Deborah and Paul are dealing with very dangerous mission.

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