The Swan River Game

The Swan River The Swan River. Some people wait all their life to meet a person that is right for them, a person that is worth enough to share their live with. There are also people that don’t manage to find the love of their lives but for Michael and Shirley the fortune was really favorable. They met two months ago and fell in love with each other right away.

The time they spend together is wonderful, that’s why they choose to spend a lot of time together, always finding something interesting to do or somewhere to go. Their common passion is traveling to distant places, they have never visited before and many times they are prepared to take risk and go to various unknown destinations.

For this time Michael and Shirley have decided to take more peaceful journey and visit Michael grandmother’s weekend house. He always loved to go there and enjoyed that place so now he has decided to take Shirley with him. However, their idea for a romantic getaway has turned into something completely different. When they arrived at the place, Michael and Shirley realized that someone has broken into the house. There is a terrible mess at the place so they should start cleaning that mess in order to find out if anything is missing.

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