The Witching Hour Game

The Witching HourThe Witching Hour. People believe that spirits come out at night and mostly the spirits of bad persons we knew in life. Others see pictures of famous faces while dreaming and you get the story like – oh, my god, I didn’t pray for that person, and now he or she is coming out in a dream to scare me or to fight with me.Believing in something is such a strong condition of a humankind, we are led by principles, by ideals, confessions and they teach us how to become better. Maybe being an atheist actually is the strongest confession one can choose, because you need to put negative sign in front of any believing possible.

In today’s game we have prepared for you, we are giving some time back to the paranormal psychology. You may not believe in it, so you won’t have, but you can enjoy the game and have real fun.

Witching Hour is a term that is used the mostly when the ghosts appear after midnight and when their power is biggest. Jason is a detective for paranormal things and he is being invited by the owners of a house that very often have problem with the spirit of a ghost. The ghost belongs to their aunt that has died fifty years ago. They want to find out more about the reason, why the dead aunt is still bothering them and if they could help somehow. One thing they know that she didn’t like them since they were young and was always scolded them, no matter what would they do.

The Witching Hour is a free online hidden object game on Round Games.

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