Together for Christmas Game

Together for ChristmasTogether for Christmas. We run everyday, run from home to job, from job to other obligations, we hurry on the crossroads to get somewhere faster and faster and that is a never ending story. That’s how we easily make car crashes always trying to get somewhere, and since we are in a hurry, than, we are already late. And where are we rushing? We forget friends, family, we don’t have time for anything else but the running. There is this commercial that late came out, announcing the upcoming holidays, when an old man invites his children that live in different sides of the country to visit him for the holidays.

One by one, they all refuse him, telling him that they are busy with work and that they will be doing their best to arrive at the next year’s party. Than, the old and wise man got a better idea. With the help of his friend, he informed them that he has passed away. And than, the story got different direction. Everyone of the children found a way to find time and go on their father’s funeral. And the surprise came when they all arrived at their fathers’ home. He put the light on in the dining room and the table was all set up. They learnt very important lesson, didn’t they?

Together for Christmas. For few years Emily has been moved away from her birth town. She works as a nurse in the big city and comes home very rarely to visit her friends and relatives. For few years she tries to come back home for Christmas, but due to the obligations that she has at work, she couldn’t make it until this year. She is positively surprised how well her birth town is being decorated and decides first to walk through the streets and to remind herself of the time when she lived here. Emily is very happy that she will finally spend Christmas with her closest friends and family.

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