Treasure of the Vikings Game

Treasure of the VikingsTreasure of the Vikings. Maybe one of the most interesting and intriguing people of all times are the Vikings. They lived in the north and central cold parts of Europe, as fearless and extra strong seafarers. Originally, they lived from late 8th to late 11th centuries. Today’s Scandinavians are thought to be their descendants. Today we offer you a game that would take you a little bit far away from the normal. You get to meet medium-people who research the world of Vikings.

Patricia and William are paranormal researchers. Their profession is mediums and they have the power to communicate with death ancestors. According to their last researches Vikings on the territory of the small Iceland Brejkwall in Scandinavia left huge heritage. Wanting to find the treasure, they call for the spirits of the brave Vikings, to show them the place where the treasure is left. Our player is Patricia and William’s assistant. He is a beginner in this, but still has the congenital power of a medium and has the ability to communicate spirits.

He needs to talk carefully with the spirits of Vikings and to listen to their demands that can take him to the place where the hidden treasure is. It is intriguing enough to enter the world of the paranormal and especially in the adventurous lives of the brave seafarers, isn’t it? And it promises big fun!

Make sure to check out This Game. You may enjoy playing it.

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