Uncle Ray’s Farm Game

Uncle Rays Farm Uncle Ray’s Farm. When someone combines the one thing he loves and lives from it, than you can only envy him. That seems to be the combination you will profit. They say – if life brings you lemon, than make a lemonade out of it. But when you first get the lemonade than all that is left to do is definitely to enjoy it. Imagine a man who has built his whole life tall buildings and you put him into a small village where the last house was constructed about 40 years ago? Would he be happy? We don’t think so.

In our world we will represent you a man who is not such an example. Ray is a guy that was raised in a farm from his parents. He is very satisfied with his life and work on the farm. He never thinks to replace this beauty with life in the city. During the whole year, he is working something. He plants vegetables and fruits, and also rears domestic animals. The day lasts more than 24 hours for him. It is fulfilled with obligations, but that doesn’t give him a hard time, but contrary, that is a job that is very relaxing for him and as well, he earns good life doing what he enjoys.

The end of summer is near and a lot of his plants have already offered its fruit, and now it is time for collecting it. And off course, then comes the sweetest part – the market sell.

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