Wedding Story Game

Wedding Story Wedding Story Game: Weddings are usually thought to be the most beautiful days of every girls’ life, but they take a lot from you during the preparations. So many days of effort for five hours party and at the end you feel relieved that it had ended. Every young woman wants to be the queen that day. Our today’s story is like that, with some problems that usually occur when the big weddings are organized. Diane is about to get married in two days. Her sister Sara is included in the organization of the wedding, but she finds out that there occurred a big problem.

Two days before the wedding Sara finds out that the place where the wedding should take place is caught under storm and the place is almost ruined. Diane’s wish is her wedding to take place in her father’s birth place. And to be all well organized with the customs from this area.

Sara doesn’t want her sister to find out about the problem, so she won’t be disappointed. She asks for our player is to be her collaborator in the cleaning of the mess of the wedding venue. Help Sara to make it look simply perfect for her sister’s happiest day in Wedding Story Game.

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