Whispers of Flowers Game

Whispers of Flowers Whispers of Flowers Game: Teresa lives in a small magical village. You may think that these kinds of villages don’t exist but this surely exists, located deep in the magical forest. Teresa is actually one of the most beautiful girls in this forest. Yes, all girls are beautiful on their own way but everyone in the village agrees that she is special, wonderful from the outside as she is from the inside.

Teresa was looking for a suitable guy for her for a longer period but somehow she wasn’t that lucky until now. Samuel is a young guy coming from the neighboring village who is so much in love with Teresa. He likes her very much and he is dreaming about a bright future with her. Teresa also doesn’t hide her emotions and sympathies for Samuel. She also in love and that’s why she has waited for this moment for a long time. Actually Samuel is coming to her village to meet her on a romantic date.

This is a real ‘dreams come true’ for both of them and they are both very excited. We are now with Teresa, so let’s see how she is feeling and how is she preparing for the date. Let’s help those love birds enjoy their love in Whispers of Flowers Game.

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