Zooptopia Dash

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Zooptopia DashPlay with the characters of Zooptopia Dash in this speed shopping game show. Speed is of the utmost importance in this game. Use three different characters to collect the items as fast as you can. Zooptopia Dash is hidden object adventure game featuring the cast of the animated film Zootopia. Speed is the utmost importance of this game! Each character has their own special ability, the bunny can hop, the fox can run fast, and the other can reach tall shelves. Find all the items for each character and go to the finish line. Collect all items as fast as you can for bonus points. The items are easy to miss, so make sure you keep an eye out for shaking objects and click-able items. This game is one of the hidden object games at Round Games.

Zooptopia Dash is a free online game on RoundGames.

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