Match 3 Easter Egg Game

Match 3 Easter Egg, is a free match-three Easter style video game based on eggs. Your goal is to get as many points in 90 seconds as possible. To achieve this, you swap eggs of the same color to form horizontal or vertical matching sets. The more you can connect this way, the higher your score will be. Furthermore, there are special rewards if you connect more then 3 Easter eggs.

Click two horizontal or vertical adjacent eggs with the left mouse button to swap their position – or just use drag and drop. If you can connect/match more then 3 eggs you will get a special Easter egg bomb. The effect of this Easter egg bomb varies. With 4 horizontal eggs, it will clear all 9 jewels around itself, with 5 horizontal stones, it will clear the whole row/column, after activation. To activate a egg bomb you need to connect it to at least two stones of the same color. Play and have fun! Match 3 Easter Egg Game is played with the mouse alone. Press Space to Pause.

Play Match 3 Easter Egg Game

How to Play

The game is played with the mouse alone.nPress Space to Pause.