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Oh My Ghost

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Oh My GhostOh My Ghost. Travel to all kinds of legendary and mysterious places while helping the cute but troublesome ghosts to fulfill their missions. They need to carry out these assignments in order to graduate from the Chambers Academy of Haunting.

The story begins at the start of the Summer Camp program. A group of misfits who failed to live up to the Academy’s standards are the heroes of this game. They are Gale, Heather, Olivia, Sid and Tony. The unmanageable ghosts are sent off to haunted locations such as Area 51, Lochness, etc. They are given certain objectives to complete in these locations.

Your goal is to complete various trials throughout the levels in order to help the ghosts to successfully graduate from the Academy. Within this game you will travel to legendary locations, discover interesting trivia, and have fun through varied modes of gameplay. Be courageous, use the amazing power ups, and face your many challenges like a master ghost would do!

Oh My Ghost is a free online match 3 game on Round Games.