Sparks Fusion Game

Sparks Fusion Sparks Fusion is a fast-paced match 3 puzzle game with very addicting gameplay and experience. In this game, your goal is to match 3 or more hexagonal tiles in a Tetris-like manner and board. Matched tiles will ignite and explode, dropping the tiles above it, and creating another chain of explosions if there are more matches. Once the level is complete (indicated by the bomb fuse on the right side of the screen), the game will end and you will be given more bombs to complete the level by blowing it up!
Match the color of the hexagonal tiles and ignite them to create a great firework display! Complete the level the bomb the board in Sparks Fusion! Play with or without time limit and keep matching those tiles in this addicting match 3 puzzle arcade game. This game is one of the match 3 games at RoundGames.

Sparks Fusion is a free online game on Round Games.

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