Zombo Gems Game

Zombo Gems Zombo Gems. Mix of defense game and physics-based match 3. With tons of upgrades, powerups and zombies! Recently people have discovered underground some amazing crystals with the oil that can be converted into fuel for different machines. While military men and scientists were trying to figure out the side effect of crystals on people, some sly businessmen didn’t wait for the results of the researches and opened gas stations trying to more make money. But after just a little time almost all people around were gone, hordes of hungry and angry zombies appeared instead of them. Use crystals on gas stations to fill your tank with gasoline and protect from the aggressive dead.
They explode after contact with similar or simple crystals, thereby allowing to collect more gasoline to make a crushing blow. Enjoy and have fun.

Zombo Gems is a free online match 3 game on Round Games.

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